Volunteer Positions Description

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To join, please email to volunteer@arkhaiosfilmfestival.org

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Positions available: 1 – Timeframe: July-November - Hours per week: 3

The Arkhaios Webmaster Volunteer will be responsible for updating and managing the website. This includes modifying the website as Festivals information become available, while keeping consistency and style of the web pages.  Previous experience in website design required.

Social Media
Positions available: 1 – Timeframe: March-November - Hours per week: 5

The Arkhaios Social Media Volunteer will be responsible for developing the social media plan for the Festival’s Facebook page, with potential extension to other social media platforms. Synchronization with the local Marketing plans is required. Experience in PR and/or social media preferred.

Sponsors Relations
Positions available: 2 – Timeframe: March-November - Hours per week: 5

Arkhaios Sponsors Relations Volunteers will be responsible for securing sponsorships as well as other fundraising opportunities, assisting in grant writing, and leading all professional communication with sponsors. Previous experience in fundraising efforts preferred.

Positions available: 2 – Timeframe: March-November - Hours per week: 5

Arkhaios Marketing Volunteers are responsible for developing and implementing the local marketing plan. This includes relations with the media, local universities, and other organizations, as well as performing for each film a local market segmentation with pairing to local clubs and organizations. The Marketing Volunteers will also write press releases and promotional materials as needed. Experience in PR preferred.

Positions available: 2 – Timeframe: August-September - Hours per week: 5

Arkhaios Programming Volunteers will be responsible for assisting the local Festival Director in designing the local Festival’s film program. Once the Official Selection of films is unveiled, Programming Volunteers will be responsible for writing or formatting films information (i.e. film synopsis, etc.) to be included in digital and printed materials. Previous experience in editing/writing positions preferred.

Event Logistics
Positions available: 2 – Timeframe: September-October - Hours per week: 2

Arkhaios Logistics Volunteers will be working with the Programming volunteers as well as the local Festival Director to make the Festival happen. This includes the coordination of video and audio screening equipment, microphones, internet and Skype access, stage furniture, welcome furniture and displays, lighting, ballot and donations boxes, VIP welcome, etc.  Previous experience in event coordination preferred.

Event Photography
Positions available: 2 – Timeframe: October - Hours per festival: 6

Arkhaios Photographers will be responsible for documenting the Festivals as they happen. All videos and photos will be in digital form, transmitted in timely fashion, and will be the property of Arkhaios. Previous photography or videography experience preferred, Possession of all necessary equipment required.