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2016 Arkhaios Film Festival


Official Selection

Press Release

PR 2016-13
Press Release For Immediate Release
Hilton Head, SC, USA -  Jean F Guilleux, Arkhaios Film Festival founder and director is pleased to announce the Selection Committee has screened all the registered films.  The fourteen members of the committee were challenged to choose the best films from around the globe affording the audience a rich tapestry of world cultures.

Dr. Kimberly Cavanagh, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of South Carolina Beaufort, chair of the Selection Committee, says, " For those who have attended over the last several years, they expect a standard of excellence. It is a huge responsibility to make this selection but I think our committee has done an outstanding job."

Here is the Arkhaios 2016 Official Selection (in alphabetical order):
A Walk Through Time, Director Daniel Bruns (USA)
Bering: Balance and Resistance, Director Lourdes Grobet (Alaska/Mexico)
**Cotton Country, Director Emily Harrold (USA)
**Documenting the Battle of Purysburg, Directors Michael Jordan & Dan Kurtz (USA)
El Dorado de Panama, Director José Manuel Novoa (Peru/Spain)
Forgotten World, Director Terri Ella (South Africa)
Fort Ancient, Director Gray Warriner (USA)
**Hawthorne, Director and Producers George Wingard & Patrick Hayes (USA)
**In Search of Carr's Fort, Directors Michael Jordan & Dan Kurtz (USA)
The Enigma of the Great Menhir, Directors and Producers Marie-Anne Sorba & Jean-Marc Cazenave (France)
Metal Ages or the Hierarchization of Society, Director Petrus van der Let (Austria)
Neanderthal at Bruniquel, Director Luc-Henri Fage (France)
Roman Engineering: Cities, Director José Antonio Muniz (Spain)
Tewet, the Last Keeper of Borneo, Director Luc-Henri Fage (Borneo/France)
The Bronze Age I - Discovery of Prehistoric Settlement, Director Stanislav Manca (Slovakia)
The Bronze Age II - Crafts, Director Stanislav Manca (Slovakia)
The Destruction of Memory, Director and Producer Tim Slade (USA)
**The Inevitable Evolution of Fort Frederick, Directors Jamie & Christi Koelker (USA)
Ticket from the Past, Director Miriam Steen (Germany) 

 ​**SC Heritage Films 

2016 Arkhaios Film Festival

PR 2016-17
Press Release For Immediate Release

4th Annual Arkhaios Film Festival Postponement

Hilton Head, SC, USA -  Hilton Head Island has been hit hard by hurricane Matthew and the recovery is going to be a long process. We are grateful for the dedication of the Town of Hilton Head staff, of first responders and utilities employees working hard to restore our island paradise. However, the living conditions are not there yet for holding a festival next week.

Regretfully, we have to postpone the public screening of the Arkhaios 2016 Film Festival which was planned for October 20-22, 2016. A decision has not been made yet on the dates of the rescheduled festival.

Thank you for your patience as we face the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. We remain dedicated to bringing to you an educational event showcasing the discovery of past cultures gained from archaeological research, and illustrated by documentary films.