2018 Calendar

March 1         First Call for Film Registration

June 15          Registration deadline

June 15           Vimeo/DVD/Blu-ray copy for Screening deadline

October 1       Final DVD/Blu-ray copy for Festival deadline

October          Arkhaios Film Festivals in South Carolina and Pennsylvania

Information for Film Directors and Producers

Film Registration

Check the rules and regulations'- Registration is free.

Save and Fill the attached Registration Form

Email the Registration Form and requested attachments before the deadline to :


Mail the DVD or Blu-Ray before the deadline to :

Arkhaios Film Festival

5502 Rippey Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

2018 Film Registration

The film registration for the 2018 Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festivals is now open.

The registration deadline for the 2018 Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festivals is June 15, 2018.

Registration is free. Please see the Calendar, "Rules and Regulations" and "Registration Form" on this page.

To be complete, the registration must include:

  • The completed two-page Registration Form for each film (maximum two films per producer/director),
  • Two still photos from the film,
  • A video trailer of one minute or so in duration,

The above material to be emailed to :



  • A Vimeo link, or a DVD/Blu-ray disc in NTSC or PAL format.

The above disc to be sent to:

Arkhaios Film Festival

5502 Rippey Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Please note the deadlines !
​Thank you for your participation, and Good Luck !