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  • Haenyeo, Director Ralph Vituccio, (USA)
  • Meeting Neanderthal, Director Rob Hope & Pascal Cuissot, (France)
  • Mesopotamia: The Season of The Great Empires, Director Alberto Castellani, (Italy)
  • Project Shiphunt, Director Paul Bozymowski, (USA)
  • Riddle of the Bones: Gender Revolution, Director Birgit Tanner; Carsten Gutschmidt, (Germany)
  • River of Treasures, Director Marcin Jamkowski, Konstanty Kulik, (Poland)
  • Roman Engineering: Roads, Director José Antonio Muñiz, (Spain)
  • Stout Hearted: George Stout and the Guardians of Art, Director Kevin Kelley, (USA)
  • The Great Maya Aquifer, Director Victor Marina, (Mexico)
  • The Last Tribes, Director Ebru Cakirkaya, (Turkey)
  • The Ring People, Director Anthony Koelker, (USA)
  • Thus speaks Tarām-Kūbi, Assyrian Correspondences, Director Vanessa Tubiana-Brun (France)
  • We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka, Director Marianne “Mimi” George, (USA)
  • We, the Voyagers: Our Moana, Director Marianne “Mimi” George, (USA)

Arkhaios 2020 Official Selection

and Selected Registered Films

  • ArchaeologyX: Building the PaleoDigger Machine, Director Brian L. Fritz, (USA)
  • Between the mud and the sky, Director Maria Cabrejas, (Argentina)
  • DIGADOHI: Lands, Cherokee and the Trail of Tears, Director Monty Dobson, (USA)
  • Looking for Sapiens, Director Pauline Coste, (France)
  • Lost Nation: The Ioway 3, Director Kelly Rundle, (USA)
  • Origins, Director Konstantinos Arvanitakis, (Greece)
  • Pyramids builders. New clues, Director Florence Tran, (France)
  • Samurai in the Oregon Sky, Director Ilana Sol, (USA)
  • The Art of Time, Director Emilia Simonetti Bochetti, (Chile)
  • Vinum Insulae, Director Stefano Muti, (Italy)
  • Walking on water, Director Gianmarco D'Agostino, (Italy)

Arkhaios 2020 Official Selection

(in competition)

Arkhaios 2020 Selected Registered Films

(out of competition)