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A Walk Through Time
Director Daniel Bruns (USA)

Bering: Balance and Resistance
Director Lourdes Grobet (Alaska/Mexico)

Cotton Country
Director Emily Harrold (USA)

Documenting the Battle of Purysburg
Directors Michael Jordan & Dan Kurtz (USA)

El Dorado de Panama
Director José Manuel Novoa (Peru/Spain)

Forgotten World
Director Terri Ella (South Africa)

Fort Ancient
Director Gray Warriner (USA)

Director and Producers George Wingard & Patrick Hayes (USA)

In Search of Carr's Fort
Directors Michael Jordan & Dan Kurtz (USA)

The Enigma of the Great Menhir
Directors and Producers Marie-Anne Sorba & Jean-Marc Cazenave (France)

Metal Ages or the Hierarchization of Society
Director Petrus van der Let (Austria)

Neanderthal at Bruniquel
Director Luc-Henri Fage (France)

Roman Engineering: Cities
Director José Antonio Muniz (Spain)

Tewet, the Last Keeper of Borneo
Director Luc-Henri Fage (Borneo/France)

The Bronze Age I – Discovery of Prehistoric Settlement
Director Stanislav Manca (Slovakia)

The Bronze Age II - Crafts
Director Stanislav Manca (Slovakia)

The Destruction of Memory
Director and Producer Tim Slade (USA)

The Inevitable Evolution of Fort Frederick
Director and Producer Jamie & Christi Koelker (USA)

Ticket from the Past
Director Miriam Steen (Germany)

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