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Arkhaios 2015 Program

The Drawing of Language

Director Jairo Caleb Sifuentes, Producer Isis Kiwen

Naiá and the Moon

Director Leandro Tadashi

Hors Competition

Arkhaios 2015 Official Selection

Amerindian Fingerprint
Director Pierre Nicolas Durand, Producer Regis Ayache
Chavin de Huantar. The theater of the Heavens, Earth and Underworld
Director José Manuel Novoa

Cotton Road
Director and Producer Laura Kissel

Down on Bull Street
Director and Producer Lynn Cornfoot

Kingdom of Salt: 7000 years of Hallstatt
Director Domingo Rodes, Producer Joan Vicent Hernandez

Lightning Strikes Twice
Director Stephani Gordon

Mapping Kosciuszko’s Tunnel
Director William Ira Richardson

Monique Peytral: Painting Lascaux, Painting Life
Director Constance Ryder, Producer Laurence Milon

Mysterious Stones of Hakkari
Director Bahriye Kabadayi Dal

On the Trail of the Far Fur Country
Director Kevin Nikkel

Roman Engineering: Aqueducts
Director José Antonio Muniz

Saving Mes Aynak
Director Brent E. Huffman

Sea Island Secrets: A Journey Through Time
Director R. Gibbes McDowell, Producer Michael J Hudson

Square Holes, Digging the Kolb Site
Director William C. Judge

The Unexpected Evolution of Fort Frederick
​Fort Frederick Archaeology
Director and Producer : Jamie and Christi Koelker

The X-Ray Time Machine
 Director Martin Freeth