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Dave was an enslaved potter from the Edgefield District of South Carolina. 

The film will discuss the discovery, excavation, and use of a Dave signed churn as an archaeological outreach tool.
​Dave not only learned how to read and write, but he also left his words - inscribed on some of the alkaline-glazed-stoneware he produced - for the ages.
Mi Chacra
Discovering Dave: Spirit Captured in Clay
The 2000 Year Old Computer

A young indigenous Peruvian man and his wife and son have farmed most of their lives in a small village in the mountains above the Sacred Valley.  Like many, he believes that life in the city would be better than his village life.  At sixteen, he left for the city, but when his father died, had to return to his village to work and care for his family.  Now he has a young son of his own and, like his father, desires to see his son study in the city and become something more than he has become.

2013 Audience Favorite

2013 Audience Favorite

going deep down into the underground world and discovering paintings and drawings testifying to the artistry of those human beings we once were - when mammoths were legion.

The last Farmer-cum-Prehistorian

                         producer Sophie Cattoire (France)

Saturday October 26 - 
"Discovering Dave: Spirit Captured in Clay", directors George Wingard, Mark Albertin (USA). ​Runner-up: "6 Generations", director Paul Goldsmith (USA).
Thursday October 24 -
"The 2000 Year Old Computer", producer Tony Freeth (UK). ​Runner-up: "Helter Shelter: a Backyard Time Capsule in the Shadow of the Bomb Plant", producer Nate Fulmer (USA).

Arkhaios 2013 Program


Ark​haios 2013 Awards

The audience nominated their favorite movie each day of the Arkhaios Film Festival.
And the winners of the "Audience Favorite Film Award" are:
Friday October 25 -
"Mi Chacra", producer Jason Burlage (Peru). ​ Runner-up: "In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales: Soldier under Two Flags", producers Tim Fennell, Virginia Friedman (USA).

2013 Audience Favorite

More than a hundred years ago, sponge divers found an extraordinary mechanism at the bottom of the sea near the island of Antikythera.  It astonished the inter-national community of experts on the ancient world.  Was it an astrolabe?  Was it a mechanical model of the solar system?  An astronomical clock?  Or something else?

A scientific detective investigation set against the glories of a classical Greece.

A film shot “up on top” and “down below” - on a farm and in a cave in France, the seventh painted cave to be discovered in the world: Bernifal Cave. A film about the magical appeal of prehistory, the physical pleasure of 

2013 Arkhaios Founder Award