We, the Voyagers:

Part 1. Our Vaka, Part 2. Our Moana

Arkhaios 2020 Film Festival Awards

2020 Best Cultural Heritage Film Award

Haenyeo, is an ancient culture of women free-divers from an island off the coast of South Korea, as they dive for valuable shellfish. 80% of the dwindling Haenyeo culture today are over the age of 60. Within 15-20 years the Haenyeo will have disappeared.
In 2016, UNESCO designated the Haenyeo an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

​Director: Ralph Vituccio, Producer: Jaehee Cho, (USA)

Meeting Neanderthal

2020 Best Archaeology Film Award

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We, the Polynesian voyagers of Taumako, Solomon Islands, share our history, motivations, and skills, through story-telling, canoe building, and wayfinding.

​Director: Marianne “Mimi” George, Producer: Heuionalani Wyeth, (USA)


2020 Arkhaios Film Festival Grand Prize

Long before the arrival of Homo sapiens, the Neanderthals wander the vast European plains, regularly drowned into the Ice Ages.

Several discoveries, in France and England, and especially on the island of Jersey, now allow the archaeologists to understand the lifestyle of those first great nomads of Europe, that lasted 300 000 years.

​Director: Rob Hope & Pascal Cuissot, Producer: Marie-Anne Sorba, (France)