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In the center of the Mediterranean, Crete was, between 3000 and 1400 BC, the cradle of the first great civilization of the Greek world: the Minoans. A particularly advanced civilization. More than a millennium before classical Greece, the Minoans have cultivated an art that still fascinates by its modernity and its refinement. Their frescoes are among the masterpieces of ancient art. The Minoans were also the first European people to master writing. When the Greeks were still a people of barbarian warriors, long before they built the Parthenon, the Minoans built sumptuous buildings, whose monumental and complex architecture continues to question archaeologists.

2018 Best  Cultural Heritage Film Award

Harem of the Sun King &

Crete, The Myth of the Labyrinth
When Majid Shokor escaped from Iraq he discovered that the songs he loved as a child in Baghdad have a hidden history.

Saddam’s regime purged Iraqi music of its origins, but Majid learns the truth as he travels the world to meet exiled Iraqi musicians – Jewish, Muslim and Christian - who still sing and play these songs.

​They are reunited in a joyful concert at London’s Barbican Centre, where music and culture are bridges that transcend religion and politics.
Crete, The Myth of the Labyrinth

Arkhaios 2018 Film Festival Awards

Never in history have we witnessed such a massive destruction of millennial masterpieces, world heritage of humanity. Why has the heritage of Mesopotamia, the cradle of our civilization, become an issue in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts? Why is it being held hostage and sacrificed by ISIS and the other belligerents? Between trauma and resilience, between ruins and reconstructions, this film goes out to meet citizens who are committed to saving these treasures of humanity.
 This is the story of a human chain composed of disarmed, pacifist and revolted citizens who are the "Last Protective Fortifications" of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They save what can still be saved of their heritage and identity.

2018 Arkhaios Film Festival Grand Prize

New Monuments Men
On the Banks of the Tigris :
the hidden story of Iraqi music

2018 Best Archaeology Film Award