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Films Synopsis

2017 Arkhaios Film Festival Films Synopsis 

​​Thursday October 19, 2017 at 1:15pm
American Premiere
The Birth of Prehistory, part 2
Director : Sophie Cattoire, Producer : Vincent Lesbros, Ferrassie TV, France, 2016, 73 min.

At the time of Napoleon, the arrival of Cro-Magnon was a veritable bombshell that considerably shook up our Creation myths. Our long rejected ancestor unashamedly thrust open the doors of Evolution, repositioning man in the great adventure of life on Earth and knocking him off the pedestal where he had pretentiously put himself.

The Birth of Prehistory in the middle of the 19th century triggered off a major paradigm shift that it is high time we assimilated: man is a mammal, a primate, a biped, totally dependent on his environment, not a superior being created in God’s image, reigning supreme over all things, with absolutely no regard for the vegetal and animal world that are there to satisfy his every whim. This must be fully understood for us to have a hope of surviving.

In the footsteps of the 19th century pioneers: Jacques Boucher de Perthes, Henry Christy and Édouard Lartet, guided by our present-day prehistorians: Marylène Patou-Mathis, Jean-Jacques Hublin, François Bon, Jean-Luc Locht, Jean Clottes, Yves Coppens, Bruno Maureille and Jean-Pierre Chadelle, we invite you to relive the tumultuous birth of Prehistory, the start of a revolution which is still in progress and more salutary than ever.
Thursday October 19, 2017 at 2:50pm
American Premiere
The Enigma of the Celtic Tomb
Director : Alexis de Favitski, Producer : ARTE France, ELEAZAR Productions, France, 2017, 52 min.

Late 2014: Layau, near Troyes in French Champagne, a team of archeologists have brought to light an ancient necropolis in which they made an incredible discovery: under an enormous tumulus, in a 14 meter squared funeral chamber, lay a skeleton adorned of beautiful jewels. Its body surrounded with luxurious objects such as a cart and a set of dishes containing magnificent Greek and Etruscan pieces.

The tomb of this wealthy Celt, who died during the 5th century, now referred to as “the prince of Lavau”, constitutes one of the most important discoveries of European archeology of recent years.
The Enigma of the Celtic Prince offers a voyage through Europe at the time of this mysterious character. Who was he to deserve such a fastidious sculpture? What relations did he have with the Mediterranean peoples? How was all this wealth constituted? What did he believe in? What does the funeral deposit of his tomb signify?

From the objects found in the tomb, their analysis and their comparison to other tombs, and alongside archeologists from other archeological sites, this film proposes to recount this enigmatic, troublesome period, nicknamed by historians and archeologists the “princely phenomenon”; Period of around one hundred years when the Celts met the Greeks and exchanged with them commercially, artistically and culturally.
Thursday October 19, 2017 at 3:50pm
In Search of Djehuty
Director : Javier Trueba, Producer : ASF & MSF, Spain, 2015, 55 min.

In search of Djehuty. Among mummies, tombs and hieroglyphics.

Exciting story of 13 archaeological digs in Egypt in the footsteps of Djehuty, the overseer of the treasure under Hat-shep-sut, the first female pharaoh. Their faces and names were systematically erased 3,500 years ago to obliterate their memory.

Today, an international scientific team restores his memory investigating the necropolis of Dra Abu el-Naga in Luxor. The tomb of Djehuty and his unique version of the Book of the Dead are the starting point for an adventure filled with new characters, valuable finds, astounding discoveries and unusual shots of the work carried out on the site by Egyptologists, archaeologists, anthropologists and restorers.

 ICRONOS – France, KIEL – Germany, ROVERETO - Italy, BELGRADO – Serbia, Grand Prize of the jury in the XV International Festival of Archaeological Cinema of the Bidasoa 2015. Irún. (Spain)

Thursday October 19, 2017 at 5:05pm
The Stolen Warriors
Director : Wolfgang Luck, Producer : a&o buero filmproduktion, Germany, 2014, 52 min.

How does Cambodia's most famous temple statue end up in Sotheby's auction catalog? This film tells the story of a spectacular case of art robbery. We follow the route of an iconic warrior sculpture looted from a Khmer temple to a posh auction house in New York. An investigative journey into the murky world of the antiques trade.

When he leafed through Sotheby's auction catalogue, archaeologist Simon Warrack couldn’t believe what he saw. With a starting bid of two million dollars, a life-sized, 500-pound warrior statue dating back to the Cambodian Khmer dynasty was to be auctioned in New York.

This story reveals the workings of the international antiques mafia. And it raises questions about the moral responsibility of museums and the credibility of supposedly reputable auction houses. The court case in New York is expected to set a precedent for the regulation of the trade in antiquities and artifacts.

AWARDS and SCREENINGS: Second Prize by Jury in Split, Croatia, 2016. Special Mention, category Threatened Heritage, ICRONOS, France, 2016. Special Mention for Script, Athens, Greece, 2016. Honorable Mention by Jury for Narration, and Audience Favorite, TAC Festival, USA, 2016. Audience Prize, Cinarchea, Germany, 2015. Le Prix du Meilleur Film sur le Patrimoine en Danger, Nyon, Switzerland, 2015.