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Thursday October 19, 2017 at 6:05pm
South Carolina Human Prehistory
Director : William C. Judge, Producer : Bodhi Leaf Productions, Native American Studies Center, USC Lancaster, USA, 2017, 24 min.

 In 2017, the Native American Studies Center at the University of South Carolina Lancaster opened a new exhibit called "Share a Little of that Human Touch: The Prehistory of South Carolina".

For this exhibit 5 short educational films were produced to tell the story of human history in South Carolina. The film "South Carolina Human Prehistory" brings these 5 films together as one amazing journey exploring human presence in South Carolina from the Late Ice Age through the Mississippian Period (19,000-400 years ago).

A rare fly over of the Fig Island shell rings is included giving the viewer an appreciation for the beauty and also the many questions surrounding shell rings. Monty Braham of the Catawba Nation wrote and performed all of the wonderful music giving the film a strong sense of time and place.

 ABOUT THE DIRECTOR:  Award winning filmmaker, William C. Judge, is a graduate of the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies program and the creator of Bodhi Leaf Productions. He is a digital media artist working in 3D visualization, video and photography since 1998. From his travels through India with the Tibetan refugee community came his films “Path to Geshe” and “Venerable Geshe Tsulga: A Single Day in a Lifetime of Practice”. His venture into archaeological films began in 2013 with his film “Square Holes, Digging the Kolb Site.”​​

Friday October 20, 2017 at 1:05pm
American Premiere
The Tomb of Genghis Khan : The Secret Revealed
Director: Cédric Robion, Producer : Agat Films & Cie / France 5, France, 2016, 90 min.

 Since the 13th century, generations of explorers, scientists and historians have been fascinated by a gripping archeological mystery. The tomb of Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror in history, is hidden somewhere in Mongolia. But, where?

Eight centuries after his death, a French team led by one of the founders of Mongolian Archeology Professor Pierre-Henri Giscard was able to penetrate the sacred lands of Northern Mongolia to explore the Burkhan Khaldun mountain site with drones, scans and the latest digital tools.

The team’s investigation leads to clear evidences and reveals the precise location of the burial site among other surprising revelations.

Backed by the best experts in Mongolian History professor John Wood (Chicago University),  and exploring the ancient texts and funeral rites of the Mongolian and Chinese civilizations this film offers a riveting portrait of the Mongolian Emperor and unravels one of the great riddles of the past..

Meilleur Film Scientifique Award, Lumexplore, 2017.
PariScience, Festival International du Film Scientifique, Paris, 2016. International Scientific Film Festival, Szolnok, 2017. Festival International du Film Archéologique de Bidasoa, Spain, 2017. Festival de Cine Arqueologico de Castilla y Leon, Zamora, 2017. Rencontres d’Archéologie de la Narbonnaise, Narbonne, 2017. Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico, Rovereto, Italy, 2017.

Friday October 20, 2017 at 2:55pm
USA Premiere
Roman Mining Technology
Director : Rui Pedro Lamy, Producer : Arqueohoje / EVOKE IT, Portugal, 2015, 20 min.

The Gold of Tresminas, one of the most important mining areas of the entire Roman Empire, is situated in the north of Portugal. Significant evidence of this mining activity and of the technology employed can still be seen on site.

The extensive open casts pits, deep galleries and a complex hydraulic network of channels are remarkably well preserved.

In the first and the second centuries AD, large quantities of the most valuable coin (the aureus) were minted in Rome with the gold extracted from these mines - the most important mining area of Roman Portugal.

 First Prize  International Archaeological Film Festival Castilla y Leon, Spain. Best Scientific Divulgation Film at FICAB, Festival International Bidasoa, Spain.

Friday October 20, 2017 at 3:20pm
Govan Young
Director: David Archibald, Martin Clark and Cara Connolly, Producer : David Archibald Connolly Clark Films, Scotland, 2016, 30 min.

Govan Young follows a group of schoolchildren from Govan’s Pirie Park Primary in Scotland as, aided by Professor Stephen Driscoll, an historical archaeologist at the University of Glasgow, they learn the rarely-told story of the Viking invasion of central Scotland and the subsequent establishment of the medieval kingdom of Strathclyde, which had its spiritual centre in Govan.

The archaeological discoveries at Govan Old church are central to this story and provide a dramatic demonstration of the value of archaeology to community engagement.

What happens when the children discover the lost kingdom of Strathclyde and learn that 1000 years past Viking and kings walked on the ground below their feet?

Lucknow International Children’s Film Festival, India, 2017.. Cultural Exchange Award, Seoul Guro International Kids’ Film Festival, South Korea, 2017.


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