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2016 Best Archaeology Film Award

Tewet, the Last Keeper of Borneo

2016 Best  Cultural Heritage Film Award

The recent discovery of a sacred necropolis, in the region of El Caño, Panama, where the Coclé warlords were buried, have elicited great interest among the international scientific community. The feature length documentary "El Dorado de Panama", will unveil who were the ancient inhabitants of the Isthmus of Panama. An ambitious production that tells the story of this discovery and offers a dramatized description of these enigmatic people, who buried their leaders with surprising funeral dowries full of gold.

The war against culture, and the battle to save it.  Over the past century, cultural destruction - the purposeful destruction of buildings, books and art in order to erase collective memory and identity - has wrought catastrophic results on every continent. But the war is by no means over. If anything, this kind of cultural warfare has been steadily increasing. Based on the acclaimed book by Robert Bevan, The Destruction of Memory looks at how and why this has happened, and how the push to protect, salvage and rebuild has moved in step with the destruction.

2016 Arkhaios Film Festival Grand Prize

El Dorado de Panama
East of Borneo, the Marang Mountains shred the sky and dominate the Emerald Forest. Studded with countless cavities, these limestone cliffs have no secrets for Tewet. Aged 66, the Dayak has always lived from the swallows' nests trade. A dish made from protein saliva, popular with Chinese, In recent years, unfortunately, this resource has suddenly rarefied. At issue: the intensive exploitation and deforestation of the region for the production of palm oil. Despair of the Dayaks. And what if this grand, quasi-mystical Nature harbored other hidden treasures?
The Destruction of Memory

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