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Over the past 50 years, thousands of exquisitely painted Maya vases, almost all looted from tombs, have flooded into public and private collections. These amazing works of art, filled with humor and mystery, have opened an extraordinary window on the Maya past. But the race to unearth these treasures has destroyed temples and palaces, culminating in the takeover of entire ancient cities by looter armies.
The Lady of Cao
Dance of the Maize God
Agave is Life

The Lady of Cao is the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru to be discovered.  She is believed to have governed in the Chicama valley, very close to the city of Trujillo, about 1700 years ago.
The discovery of her tomb in 2006 was a major breakthrough in all previous theories about the Moche civilization. Through historical recreations, we will learn how the Mochesociety of the area was like and the importance of this mysterious tattooed mommy in her times.

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2014 Best Archaeology Film Award

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2014 Best  Cultural Heritage Film Award

Texas-based archaeologists, Meredith Dreiss and David Brown, take the viewer on a 10,000 year-long visual exploration of the symbiotic relationship between agaves and the humans who depended upon them. AGAVE IS LIFE delves into the ceremonial and sacred importance of this multi-purpose plant, native to the Americas. From the ancient past to the present we learn how agaves became embedded in myth, religion and cultural identity.